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 Subject :How to use the forum.. 2010-02-10 16:27:18 
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Forum : How to use the forum
Topic : How to use the forum

To use this forum you must be a registered member of this website and be logged in. To register please click on the ''Register" tab on the top menu.

To make new a post: Select the forum that is relevant to your subject and then click on New Topic. Start typing! Remember to add a subject. You must also fill in the security number in the box next to where it appears (this is to hopefully stop spam bots). Then press submit.

To edit your post: Log in, click through to your post and at the bottom click on 'edit'. Then proceed in the same way as making a new post.

To reply to a post: Underneath the post you will see the button 'post reply' - click on this and then post your reply in the same way you post a new topic (above).

To subscribe to a post: If you want to track any posts/ discussions you can subcribe to it. You will be emailed when any new posts are made. To activate this simply press the 'subsribe' button under the relevant post.

Can't find a forum heading to suit your topic? email us to suggest the category/ heading.

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 Subject :PLEASE READ FIRST.. 2009-08-18 21:49:31 
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Forum : Forum Rules & Etiquette

Please adhere to these rules of using the Real Estate Forum. Users that do not follow these points may have their posts moved, deleted and/ or be banned from the website.

  1. No adult content whatsoever is to be posted, mentioned or linked to. If you do, your post will deleted and you will be banned from this website.
  2. No advertising  is to take place within the forums. These forums are purely for real estate related discussions only. If you wish to advertise a property please list your property through the My Control Panel. For any other kind of advertising please email Your post will be deleted if it contains advertising and/ or spam.
  3. Bad language or an un-friendly manner will not be tolerated. Your post may be deleted and you may be banned from this website if any abusive posts are made.
  4. Please stick to the topic if you reply to a post. If you want to discuss another subject please start a new post. Your post may be moved to a more suitable location if it appears to be in the wrong forum.
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